TESOL Practicum

In your TESOL practicum, you'll observe 10 hours of ESL classes and conduct 10 hours of your own supervised teaching practice. You'll employ skills and materials from all three courses as you plan and teach your own classes under the supervision of experienced teachers.

The practicum may be completed on-campus at Acadia University, or off-site at another approved institution.

During your practicum, you'll demonstrate your ability to

  • Plan learning activities at the appropriate level
  • Relate to students and create a positive learning environment
  • Use a variety of class configurations effectively
  • Present lessons that are organized and student-centred
  • Provide clear, concise instructions
  • Effectively monitor student progress and revise the lesson when necessary
  • Use a range of question asking strategies
  • Correct in a positive and supportive way
  • Use teaching aids effectively
  • Reflect critically on observed and taught lessons


  • You must contact the Acadia TESOL Coordinator to schedule your practicum.
  • You must then register for the Practicum (EDUC 4670 COINT) through the Self-Service Portal and pay the Practicum Fee.
  • In order to enroll in the practicum, you must have taken EDUC 4673, 4683, and 4863 as pre- or co-requisites.
  • Your class must consist of at least 5 ESL students, 80% of whom must be over the age of 18.
  • Your teaching must be supervised by a teacher with TESL Canada Standard One (Permanent) certification or equivalent.
  • You must complete a practicum in order to qualify for your own TESL Canada Standard One certification.